This blog

This blog explores what I’m reading and the craft of writing. I’m interested in writing for children and I’m editing the final version of one novel and beginning a second that follows on. I’ve taken a class in writing for children at the Faber Academy which provided me with some great writing friends, some incredibly useful experience and some inspired teaching.

Reading is something that gives me almost as much pleasure as writing so it seemed natural to combine both in a blog. Of course I like to read children’s literature, there are some fantastic authors I enjoy out there like Cate Cain (alias Katherine Griffin) and Pat Walsh, Anthony McGowan, Meg Rosoff and Alan Garner.

The day job

My day job is as a strategist for an experience agency – we create intriguing and interesting brand experiences. It requires me to understand how to lead people through a relationship with our clients from the first meeting to the last farewell. It’s a lot about telling the story in a compelling way.

About me

I live in Buckinghamshire with my husband and two girls. I sing a lot, I read a lot, I write a lot.